Who is Phil?

Meet our founder. A masterful, visionary and charismatic educator who was passionate about teaching and in love with Brazil.
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01.An American in Brazil

At the age of 27, North American educator Philip Michael Young decided to leave the USA to discover new cultures, and ventured on a trip to Brazil. Phil fell in love with Brazilian people, music, and culture, and soon, a quick trip turned into a lifetime.

Initially, his work in Brazil was as educational consultant at universities such as the Federal University of Espírito Santo, passing through the PUC of Rio Grande do Sul and finally the Federal University of Paraná.

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02.A School Is Born

Eventually, Phil used his knowledge in education for something different. In 1982, he began teaching English in the living room of his own home, forming the headquarters of Phil Young's English School.

Phil revolutionized the English teaching in the capital of Paraná. "There were many competent schools and teachers, but functioning within a system based only on passing or failing and being content with only a few students reaching a high level. People accepted 'so so' results in education, which they certainly would not accept in any other product. For example, no one would accept a new car that works at 80% efficiency. Therefore, I decided to apply the Competency-based Learning system, in which most students achieve a high level and not just a 'passing' grade."

Phil Young


Dedicating himself to implementing a high standard of teaching, Phil transformed his own name into one of the most respected English language teaching brands in the country and synonymous with excellence.

Over the years, many of our students confirm that studying at Phil was a decisive step and a determining factor in achieving their personal and professional goals. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Thank you for the best month of my life.
Leniza Gulin
The no nonsense way of teaching, and on top of that, the trips were fantastic. A nice method of learning English
Adriana Bittencourt
I really improved not only my English, but also my life experience. I feel well prepared now for my medical residency at the University of Miami. "
Pedro Paulo Tanaka


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