Your best English starts here - at Phil Young's English School.
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Phil Intensive - English for those in a hurry!
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Phil Intensive
Phil USA! A truly unforgettable experience!
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Phil Best - English for the wisest generation. Because experience is a plus!
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01.The Difference

Since 1982 Phil Young's has enriched the experience of learning English for thousands of students. We believe everybody is able to master a new competency, as long as they are guided with excellence.

Learning English can be fun, convenient and definitive! This is our promise: we guarantee high-level English through a dynamic and effective methodology that has already formed generations, and is constantly renewed. We are here to help you achieve a fundamental competency for your personal, academic and professional success.

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Want to enroll? Let's find the best course for you.

The first step is to understand your English level today. If you are not yet a student, or have been out of school for more than a year, take our placement test. But don't worry, in this test there is no pass or fail. It is only an evaluation. The result will show us exactly where your Phil Journey should start.

(Students under 10 do not need to take the test, and must contact the school directly. If you already study with us, please re-enroll at Login at the top of the page.)

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03.Criterion of Excellence

At Phil Young’s English School you will reach a high performance level in all four English skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. To assure this, we employ some of the most advanced educational concepts available in ESL teaching.

Students who graduate from Phil Young’s not only receive an English Language Proficiency Certificate, but also demonstrate English competencies through a third party assessment test: the TOEFL ITP. The scores obtained in this internationally recognized test serve as our excellence criterion through which the students’ language abilities and the school’s efficacy are assessed.

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